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Nova Frontier


Cosmic Battle

Pilot your spaceship through the vastness of space and lead your fleet against rival Ringworlds. Engage in high-stakes battles to secure precious Dark Nova Crystals. Skill-based, emphasizing competitiveness.

Defend Your Territory

Guard against hostile forces. Strategically fortify your Ringworld with advanced anti-aircraft systems. Command your fleet’s defenses and maneuvering skills to protect your parameters.

Enhance & Evolve

Leverage Dark Nova Crystals to advance your fleet, enhancing durability, gun damage, and defense capabilities. Strategic upgrades ensure supremacy in the interstellar battlefield, giving you an edge against adversaries.

Cosmic Rewards Unleashed

Dark Nova Crystals

The thrill of exploration meets the allure of reward. Your quest to prosperity is governed by the universe’s most alluring treasure, Dark Nova Crystals. In this Play and Earn realm, every battle won, and every challenge overcome not only brings glory but also tangible rewards that fuel your journey and empower your fleet.

NFT Digital Assets


Embark on an epic journey with the exclusive Nova Frontier NFT Spaceships.

Spaceship Races


Fragile yet fearless, humans use their wits and courage to outmaneuver their foes. Their unpredictable nature gives them an edge against Al.

Supply: 3,333


Mighty and enigmatic, aliens wield arcane technologies. Their raw power makes them formidable against Humans.

Supply: 3,333


Constructed, not born, Al entities thrive in the harshness of space. Their advanced and precise tactics dominate the Aliens

Supply: 3,333

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Unlock the Potential of Spaceship Ownership

Dive into a universe where technology meets opportunity. Claim your spaceship and embark on a journey of exploration, advancement, and financial prosperity.

Exclusive Collection

Limited to just 9,999 spaceships, own a piece of the future with high potential for value appreciation.

Enhance and Earn

Upgrade your spaceship to explore and conquer ringworlds. Boost your earnings with the power of elite spaceships.

Legendary Transformations

Unique to legendary spaceships, unlock the ability to transform into robots, elevating your gameplay and investment value.

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